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The Fantasy Art of Saskia Hoeboer



Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists,
DABIDA is founded by a small group of Dutch and Belgian
Doll Artists, Saskia Hoeboer, Astrid Mulder,
Hannie Sarris en Marlaine Verhelst.

Our goul is:
- to stimulate doll art in Belgium and the Netherlands
and to promote our astist members
- to open the door for acceptation of doll art as fine art.

To reach this goal we will promote doll art of our members
through our website and we will show our work as 
DABIDA members together on shows, exhibitions
and art related events.

DABIDA has its own website:
Here you can find information about DABIDA and view work of our members.

To promote and stimulate doll art and our members,
we will organise every year a DABIDA DAY.

April 11, 2010 we will organise our 4rd DABIDA day!

During this day the public can view the work of our doll artists, meet our new members, see the demonstrations of many of our members, show their own doll to our members to receive positive critiques and recommandations to improve their work.
It will be a very special day.

You can read all the information on the
DABIDA website